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Vizeyn's not a character - rather kind of transformation. It's a female lost soul, living inside Karen's body (and soul) since she was born. Just after awakening, it takes control over Karen's body and shows its appearance and furious skills. It has a shape of female body but it looks like made of pure darkness. Its eyes and hair are different - they're more white than angel's wings.



It's careless and furious. Appears only when Karen loses control or she's unconcious. Uses big dark blade to fight. Uses deadly acrobatic skills and moves.

Transformation: X pressed rapidly or being hit several times.

Transformation time: 30 sec.


  • Dark Dash - dashes leaving dark slash behind that hurts enemies. Can dash in the air in any of 8 direc.
  • Light-heartedness - Increases HP recovery, lowers defense, "Super Armor" ability.

Skills: Night Fury - Throws its victim up, teleports next to it, strikes and dives at the same time, finishing with big explosion of dark energy (consumes 2 MP bars).

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