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Character Sakura


Sakura 5th

Sakura's 5th job

Veneficus is 5th job of Sakura (shouldn't have right to exist, but...). Similar to her 2nd job.

After defeating Starklin with Grand Chase Knights, Sakura considered there was nothing left to do. And she was wrong. They discovered a way to new lands corrupted by evil.

Just at the entrance to the new world, Sakura was stopped by a female swordsman in heavy armor. Sakura remembered as they met in a fighting contest - Sakura defeated her, and then she wanted revenge. She was stronger than Sakura expected, but she failed. Victory (it was her name) became Sakura's servant (very loyal one). She offered one of her favourite blades for her new master to fight with new enemies. Sakura linked this blade with her staff, creating Apocalypse. The journey continued...

However, staff remains Sakura's basic weapon.


Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
300000 GP Magic Warrior Mission (GP)
  • Defeat Starklin 15 times (3 star difficulty)
  • Clear Temple Of Cuatal 15 times in Champion Mode.
  • Clear Altar Of Judgement 15 times (2 star difficulty)
  • Collect 100 Refined Rubies, Topazes or Sapphires.
20000 Cash Magic Warrior Mission (Cash)
  • Defeat Starklin (2 star)
  • Clear Temple Of Cuatal
  • Clear Altar Of Judgement
  • Collect 10 Refined Rubies, Topazes or Sapphires.


Veneficus still has element changing function. While fighting, she holds the sword in the left hand and uses magic by right one.

  • ZZZZZ - fast and strong blade combo.
  • Z^ then Z - creates an element sphere, then shoots it at enemies (arrows to set angle).
  • jump attack (+Z) - stabs the ground deeply (after pressing Z pulls it and swings back, throwing the rocks at foes)


Level Name Effect
LVL 1 Magic Impact Sakura's version of Soul Impact, but it lasts for 3 seconds.
LVL 2 Dark Wings Veneficus accumulates the energy in her hand, shoves it forward, then it flies to her back and explodes, sending energy spears at the ground.
LVL 3 Transformation Sakura transformates herself into element creature (depending on chosen element). Each one has different moves and skills.


  • That's going to be one-hit-KO!
  • Dead? Already?! Well... next!
  • Want some more? No problem, but maybe next time.


Magic - Veneficus BellatorEdit

Sakura appears as a knight with heavy rune armor and Apocalypse blade. Uses both sword held in left hand and magic sphere in right one. Attacks are fast and agile. Increases all stats by 20%. No time limit.


  • Moon Slicer - Veneficus casts powerful crescent-shaped energy wave with a single swing of a sword.
  • Grand Blast - Rune symbols on Veneficus' armor start glowing. After that, he shoots incredibly strong beam/laser using the energy accumulated in right hand.
  • Gravedigger - Energy sphere is created around Veneficus. After finished incantation, it starts to expand, inflicting damage to every enemy in its large range. Ends with loud BOOOM!

Fire - Salamander's SpawnEdit

Sakura becomes a creature made of pure fire. Its main ability is to shoot firebolts. As he's the fire itself, he burns everything he touches. When used, "burning" bar appears and it slowly empties (empty bar means the end of transformation). Progress can be stopped by burning enemies.


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