First of all this is not a rant (lies) about vandals

everyone knows how to see their work ex:Me:hey ymant has u seens thises pages ons destinys ons thes wikis. ymant10:why knoe (bad grammar ,but thats a different story) panda i haven'ts lets sees hers jobs's..hmm singer prostitute stripper whore (do u see where im going with this vandals have to be stopped). anyway vandals have to be stopped cuz if they rnt a lamp will die you see when a vandal strikes they not only vandalize the netz but each time a lamp gets weaker and weaker how does this happen well with vandals using the comp they use elactricity which weakens a lamp somewhere in the worlds =( only you can prevent wild fires *cough cough* i mean vandals if u agree post the words molly the dragon on ur page

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