Underpass Of The Unknown Is A 2nd Dungeon On Sellia Continent.

Enemies & Diff Edit

Bloodwind Ergate (Green Ergate) Lvl 45, Bloodwind Dinergate (Green Dinergate) Lvl 87, Elemental Dwarfs Of Barsica Dungeon (Green UnderDwarf) Lvl 67, Ice Scorp Lvl 78 (Mini Boss), UnderVit Lvl 37 (Boss)

Diulago Edit

Josh:So, What Is THIS Dungeon?!|Ronan: I Don't Know,It Is.. Whoo.. Underpass For Unknown!|Josh:It's Underpass OF THE Unknown!|Ronan:Oh!|Josh:Let's Fight!-Boss-Josh:What's THAT BOSS?!|Jin:I Think It Is An UnderVit!|UnderVit:I'm A Greatest Warrior Of An Underpass!|Jin:Will Cook You To Locked Bugs!|UnderVit:Insloice! I'll Stemp You All To Locked Fighters!|Elesis:I'll Kick Your Stemp With My Large Sword!

Themes Edit

Underpass Of Lost Hope Theme ([Main Theme], Lake Aurora Boss Theme ( [Boss Theme]

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