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Fan Character Tyrorik

Tyrorik's Second Job: Shredder
Gender Male
Hometown ?, Xenia
Weapons TonfaScythes, Claw and Reverse-Grip Glaive, Rotating Cuff Blades, Reverse-Grip Ssanggeoms
Original Job War Assassin
Age Infinite
Affiliations The gods



Made By: (IGN lordraeo) (Real Name S. A.- Maclolm C.) (wiki(a) lordraeo)

Age: Infinite

Favorite Activity: Taking revenge on the Ascendent god

Pet Peeve: The Ascendent god

He is the God of the Sword who was banished from Xenia when the Ascendent god took over becuase he could not be controlled. Nothing else is known about Tyrorik except he is as old as time like the other gods. Tyrorik doesn't like to discuss what happened.


He is a starter character and therefor does not need to be unlocked.


  • "You have angered a God!"
  • "The patience of a God is not to be tried..."
  • "My sword cuts through any armor you might think will protect you!"
  • "I have all the time in the world."
  • "The ascendant God gave me more trouble than you."
  • "Irritating isn't it."
  • "I'm not sorry I'm better than you."
  • "Oops am I hurting you?"
  • "Skill is something you lack, as well as being alive."

Other Info

Tyrorik uses something called a God Mode. When the bar is full it causes Tyrorik's basic attacks to double in power and make Tyrorik invicible. Also he glows with a black Aura during this time but the bar drains during this Mode. It's different than the Burning Mode Jin and the War mode Seighart have in a way though as it is only built up when he has taken damage and it automatically is put into use when enough is built up and it takes a very long time to build up and drains very very quickly.

Base Skill Tree

Keystrokes Sp Required Lvl Required Skill Required Name Effect
up up up 4 25 NONE Triple Jump Tyrorik does a his double jump and then teleports up once (teleports up as high as a regular jump)
Dash then hit an arrow key in the opposite direction once then z 2 15 NONE Throwing Star He dashes and then throws a throwing star straight behind him that goes until it hits something or goes off map
Dash then hit an arrow key in the opposite direction once then z 3 23 Throwing Star Throwing Star II He dashes and then throws three throwing stars behind him, one goes up (diagnally), one goes down (diagnally), the third goes straight behind him, and they all go until something is hit or they go off map
xx 2 15 NONE Supersonic He moves incredibly fast... his damage is also increased slightly during this 45 second period