A good way to learn is by taking your enemies tactics and equipment. Ashcroft agrees with this, and has taken the Khopesh blade used by the Sarpa clan to use himself! With this new weapon, he tears into battle as the Treno!

Attack: High

Defence: Low

Vitality: Medium

Speed: Medium


Prime Crasher: Ashcroft grabs his enemy via the curve of his blade, before dragging them close and slashing them apart

Behemoth's Bite: Ashcroft thrusts at the enemy, before his blade shifts into a monstrous mouth, which bites into the enemy

Closing Blow: Ashcroft does a single large and powerful upwards slash, trailed by dark energy


"You shall be felled by my blade, vile creature"

"You will all be killed by your own sins..."

"Its useless to resist..."

"You will lose. Everything..."

"Argh! A man who goes through life without making any mistakes has not learned anything."

"Offf! Quality Sarpa material (!)"

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