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Nereus was born a poor, homeless boy. Deciding he wants to have a taste of richness, he has taken a Monk's Spade, which he can both dig and fight with. Nereus has also gained some abilities that Alchemists have, namely creating objects.

Attack: High

Defence: Low

Vitality: Medium

Speed: Medium


Bronze Earth: Nereus slashes with his spade, before lodging it into the ground and spring-boarding off of it

Silver Mountain: Nereus sweeps with his foot, sticks his spade into the ground and pulls it upwards. Out of the dirt comes a large jagged mountain that flies upwards.

Golden Sky: Nereus digs, and digs, and digs, before emerging with an item. Items include: Angel Wings, Invincible, HP Restore, MP Restore, Haste, Invisibility, Reflect, and Gold.



"Come here!"

"Come on, bring it on!"

"THIS is the enemy? HA!"

"Bloody hell, can you be any weaker?"

"Argh! Right in the kisser!"

"Offf! Time out! Foul!"

"Looking for a gold mine, any near here?"

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