Aisha 1st Job Pixie

Aisha's first job is a pixie which has the power to attack with her weapon the circlet and with her Power Up Bar to be able to summon fairies and her mid-long ranged attacks, Pixies are a foe not to be underestimated.

Since Pixie is the first job of Aisha it does not have to be unlocked.

Basic Combos/MovesEdit

Z+Z+Z+Z+Z = Five Basic Combos. Aisha swings the circlet 4 times then throws an orb at the opponent. It hits diagonally.

-> Z or <- Z = Aisha grabs the foe and jumps doing two kicks in the air and flings an orb (again)

Note: The kicks are similiar to Muse's Kicks (Grab) but slower.

^ ^ = Aisha jumps up medium height. Fairy like wings also appear midway halfway and Aisha can use this to jump even further.
Charges = Aisha has a bar ( like Jin's Chi Bar or Seighart Rage Bar) It's called Aisha's Power Up! Bar and by rapidly pressing X the bar increases. Aisha can use this to send out fairy helpers to attack the opponent.
Red Fairy: 1/4 of Bar. Does Light Damage. Press Z+X+Z to Summon.
Blue Fairy: 1/2 of Bar. Does 2x Light Damage. Press Z+X+X+Z to Summon.
Violet Fairy: 3/4 of Power Up Bar. Does Medium Damage. Z+Z+X+X+X+Z+Z


1st Skills Spinning Trap

Aisha swings her Circlet 2 times then sends an silver orb which causes confusions to the foe for 8 seconds. The confusions only works in PVP.

2nd Skill Circle of Destiny Aisha sends out a wave to form a yellow circle like Spell Knight's Kanavan Strike. It buffs the players and her strenght for 15 second and hits others foes around her pushing them back causing damage.

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