After the ambush in Dynasty Temple they set out for the Sky Holder and Xanxus.When they traveled for days,lost,they hear a voice in the wilderness.They all thought they were gone crazy but then the true magician appeared,The Ginger Bread they met in Alasion.He told them to enter his tower and seek their way.When they entered they fighting Every Char. from season 1.After fighting everyone,A person(Duel) who was far away told them how claim the 7 Pendants of the Sky.Then they faced off with Ginger Bread.Of course the chase overpowered him,but a Pendant dropped from his chest and it was colored orange.They decided to pick up the pendant and moved on.

Diff. and MonstersEdit

Lvl 49~50

Lvl 49 Elesis(Savior)

Moves:Round Crash,Chaos Savior

Lvl 49 Lire(Nova)

Moves:Blood Rain,Cross Shoot

Lvl 49 Arme(BM)

Moves:Shockwave Force,Freezing Spear,Air Blast

Lvl 49 Lass(Striker)

Moves:Phantom Blade,Rage Cutter

Lvl 49 Ryan(VQ)

Moves:Fatal Drive,Xenocide Lancer,Furious Boomerang

Lvl Ronan(ABK)

Moves:Rock Blaster,Tornado Stinger,Heaven's Guardian,Abyss Storm

Lvl 50 Ginger Bread


I'll put a pic of it when I get my computer back.But the structure goes with the pattern,up,left,up right.

The Chars are put in order from update to update.

Plz,I'm sorry...T^T


Elesis:Ugh..'.we've been out here for days I'm hungry and tired!

Arme:When are we going to see a Sky Holder or Whatever.

Ethan:Hey guys I think I hear a voice...God?

???:Lol,you wish it was.

Ronan:Guys,stay on guard!

???:Omg,did you guys forget about me?!

Sieghart:Wait,this voice,I've heard it somewhere before...GingerBread?

Ginger Bread:Yup,that's right^^Yeepee!

Lire:So this is your true form,huh..

Ginger Bread:Enough with the chit chat if you wanna pass you have to go through me.Into the castle!!!!

Elesis:Sigh,let's just get in...

Elesis Room:Edit

Arme:Hey,Elesis!How ya doin!

Elesis:What the Dio! It's me! Ginger Bread has a sick mind...

Lire:Oh yay...I can finally kill Elesis without getting banned from the Grand Chase MMORPG!^^

Ronan:Did you just break 4th wall?

Lire Room:Edit

Lire:Eeeeeeeeekkkk! Is this what I get for breaking the wall?!

Sieghart:It looks likes Ginger Bread is making us fight everyone from season 1...


The Chase:Sure,why not...

After the Ronan Room:Edit

???:Grand Chase....To get the 7 you must defeat the Mist,...

Jade:Wha!?Guys,it's a clue!

Sieghart:Hmmmm....Defeat the mist....Nah!Too much thinking I'll figure it out when were traveling.

Elesis:That's our Sieg....

Boss Room:Edit

Ginger Bread:Uuuggghhh,I thought the game would crumble before you even got here.

Sieghart:Yeesh, your evil.

Ginger Bread:No matter,I'll get rid of you one way or another.




After the Boss:Edit

Ginger Bread:YAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Elesis:God,he was creepy but good thing we took care of him.

Jade:Hey,look!A Pendant!

Sieghart:It's Orange...It's a Sky Pendant!

Jade:This is intresting.Let's go figure out why the pendant was here in the 1st place.

Elesis:Come food...sigh....


Steel Me

Dancing Christmas in the 13th Month

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