Thralk Sabrille Zath Athras Keyava

Gender Male
Race ???
Hometown Aphelia

Fan, Crescent, Mirror, Boomerang, Wind & Fire Wheels

Original Job Wind Warrior
Age ???
Affiliations Bel Myre


Thrisk Edit

  • 1st Job: Zhiang
  • 2nd Job: Moon Blader
  • 3rd Job: Eclipse
  • 4th Job: Shaolin
  • 5th Job: Zen Lotus

Description Edit

Made By: Zsashas (AKA Kaljuda, Shakermach, Malijk, Durggan, Morak Samasa)

Age: ???

Favorite Activity: Meditation

Pet Peeves: Pointless Destruction

Unlocking Edit

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
60000 GP Worn-Out Thrisk Mission
12000 Cash Premium Thrisk Mission

Job Changes  Edit

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
9000 GP

??? Mission (GP)

9000 Cash ??? Mission (Cash)
12000 GP ??? Mission (GP)
12000 Cash ??? Mission (Cash)
16000 GP ??? Mission (GP)
16000 Cash ??? Mission (Cash)

Battle StyleEdit

~Coming Soon~

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