"The Old and New World"-

The Old World is composed of 2 main continents Ellia and Bermasiah. Its heavenly personification is Xenia. This world was created during the period of the "War of the Xenian Gods". It was subsided after the sacrifice of the former God of Ascendancy, Vellia and his queen Bermiah. Vellia died in an enormous island, which after his death dwarves and elves spawned out. While Bermiah died in a larger island in which humans and other beings rose from. The place where Vellia died was named Ellia and the place where Bermiah died was named Bermasiah. 10,000,000 years later the Gods were weakend and needed eachothers help. The God of Nobility and Eagles, Eniax made a truce in which every God signed. Unfortunately, a mortal opposed the truce and killed him through an unknown way. The Gods banished him to a wasteland in Bermasiah and the man named the place Alcubra. Naming it after his and his fathers name Allu and Cruba. The God's then isolated themselves on a floating area and named the place after Eniax. They called it Xenia.

The New World has countries instead of continents. It has 4 well known countries: The Isles of the Moon, Hollion, The Archipelago of the Dracordions, and Croza Republic. Its heavenly personification is Corathuan. It was created due to the aftermath of "The Rain of the Deities". This rain caused a major restoration of life in The New World for it was barren and dull before the rain happend. The Deities were nice enough to do this for The Old World was so over populated. Its most smalls country was the Isles of the Moon. The place used to be called Luantra but when the Gods and Deities noticed the moon is to small to illuminate the darkness every night, they looked for a gigantic place with soil powerful enough to withstand the pressure of The Outer Sky. They chose Luantra for it is the largest country of The New World and for its very powerful soil. They elevated large prtions of the country, pressured them together, and merged them with the moon. To amplify the light they also placed within the moon the "Amplifius". After this the king decided to change the name of their country to Isles of the Moon for they devoted themselves on praising the moon after the incident and now that they were seperated into small islands.

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