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Now reaching nobleship, Deimos' weapons have evolved into magically enchanted ancient weaponary, renamed Excalibur and Rhomingant, Deimos now has extremely powerful close range attacks that can crush all that oppose him! The Flail of Hauteclere has shifted into Rhomingant, a huge flail, and the blade of Durendal has shifted into Exalibur, a lageblade that is heavier then the sun itself

Attack: High

Defense: Medium

Vitality: Medium

Speed: Medium


Physcial attacks: Edit

Savage Blade: A quick criss-cross from Exalibur followed by a thrust

Infinite Crash: Deimos spins with Rhomingant, before flipping forwards at super sonic speeds to hit all enemies nearby

Wrath of the Thane: An uppercut is sent by Rhomingant as Deimos leaps into the air slashing with Exalibur, after the enemy is fatal, he finishes with a Axe Kick to the ground

Magical attacks: Edit

'Adonis Orb: An orb appears on Rhomingant before Deimos throws it in the air, increases defense of nearby allies'

'Sage Achilles: Exalibur flies from Deimos' hand and lands in the floor, as Deimos attempts to pull it out a blue light surrounds him, increasing attack for nearby allies'

Ianthe's Shield: Deimos' weapons fuse into a huge shield, Deimos leaps up high and throws it down, creating a bubble in the ground, anyone inside this bubble is protected from projectile attacks and moves such as "Meteor". Although enemies can still freely walk in.

Quotes Edit

"I am your shadow, I am your pain!"

"May we cross blades!"

"Attack already"

"Ok, I'm ready for action! Wait, we already won?"

"The Thane shall be your bane..."

"Είμαι απαρατήρητος πίσω από τους λόφους"

"Είμαι καθαρός..."

"Υποφέρετε κάτω από τον αφρό οργής μου"

"Αυτό είναι χρόνος, γιατί ο ίδιος δεν υπάρχει καμία ελπίδα, αυτό είναι η τελική πράξη μου για να δώσει το χρόνο συντρόφων μου, χρόνος να τελειωθεί αυτή η κακοβουλία που βρίσκεται ενώπιον μας" (When low on health)

"Αφήστε σε αυτό το έδαφος τη μακάβρια ύπαρξη, ή αντιμετωπίστε την οργή του αληθινού ηρωισμού!"

  • Note:All of the foreign quotes are in Greek, since many of my characters are now Greek named (Deimos means "Terror"). Try translating them and find out what they say!

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