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Tamer( Shoot in the red light!) Edit

Raynor icon 2

Due to his hand corrupted, he has the power to shoot a small laser beam through his hand. But he can't control the laser so some guy offered him the tamer's glove.

Raynor's 1st job:tamer

Unlocking Edit

It's the 1st job so it doesn't need to be unlock.

Keystrokes Edit

sorry guys. I'm too lazy to think of his xD~Fallofdawn

Skills Edit

1st Skill-Chaos hand- he punches the enemy and million times then ends with a big laser firing

2nd Skill-Dark bomb- he throws dark bombs and due to his hand corrupted, anyone caught in the explosion will be petrifired

3rd Skill-Dark laser-He fires a big laser from his hand(like Arme's Air Blast but only weaker)

Message from Fallofdawn to Gabriel333 :D Edit

I can't believe you said Raynor likes Coco. I went crazy and happy about it! Ok, nice idea. We'll have CocoXRaynor as a love team. :D Wow, never knew someone/somebody will like my work. Oh yeah, the artwork is originally made by me, Fallofdawn! :D:D:D ~Fallofdawn

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