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Character Samuel


After endless battles and Gaikoz's fail, Samuel got bored of fist fighting. Then he met another GC Knight, Lass the Assassin. First of all, they put pieces of junk together that Samuel has collected into two tantou daggers, some shurikens (ninja stars) and poison darts. After this, Lass taught him to fight like the thief, but with new own techniques.


Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
4000 GP Stalker Mission (GP)
  • Collect 100 Tantou Fragments
  • Collect 100 Ninja Star Fragments
  • Collect 100 Dart Fragments
  • Collect 10 Gaikoz Seals
5000 Cash Stalker Mission (Cash)
  • Collect 10 Tantou Fragments
  • Collect 10 Ninja Star Fragments
  • Collect 10 Dart Fragments
  • Collect 1 Gaikoz Seal


  • jump attack - horizontal spin slash (when down and Z is pressed, throws 3 shurikens)
  • X (hold and aim with up and down) - shoots a poison dart in chosen direction (5 sec. cooldown)
  • ZZ>>>>> - shuriken throw; throws max. 5
  • double attack - throws daggers in both directions, then they come back like a boomerang


Level Name Effect
LVL 1 Blinding Dust Stalker throws dust at enemies, causing a huge cloud. These enemies who've been within it, are blinded. They will attack sometimes, but with a great chance of missing.
LVL 2 Rakansen Stalker throws about one hundred of shurikens per second.
LVL 3 Ultimate Technique Stalker empowers his daggers by ki (energy) and stabs enemies rapidly. After that, throws them in the air with a single slash and uses a portable bomb on them.