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Mission Description: "Hey Raide, I saw you at my latest preformance *giggle* I was wondering if you wanted to join my tour and become a Sonata! Of course i can't just let you become one straight away, you might need to persuade me, good luck!- Amy

Overview Edit

A Sonata uses a Conductor's baton to command numerous instruments in battle, using these can make him a formidable foe with long range and short range attacks.

Attack: Medium

Defense High

Vitality: High

Attacks Edit

Conductor: Edit

Nemo: Raide summons his Orchestra and plays an extract of Nemo by Nightwish, attack buff for 30 seconds

Dark Chest of Wonders: Raide summons his Orchestra and plays an extract of Dark chest of wonders by Nightwish, 3 Random items ranging from aging cores to potions to armour appear

Moonlight Sonata: Raide summons his Orchestra and plays an extract from Moonlight Sonata, Mana is completely filled to all teamates

Baton: Edit

Poke-ya- face: Raide thrusts with his baton 3 times

I Seek Amy: Amy's chakrani appear in Raide's hands and he throws them both forward at the enemy

Oh $*£&!!: A completely random attack, That could either wipe all enemies out, heal enemies, or kill Raide

Quotes Edit


"Come on! Stick to the beat, will you?

"Just fall to the floor, it will end this much quicker"

"Hey, what do you know, i found nemo!"

"What!? NO!"

"Rehearse mate, rehearse..."

"No turning back!"