The Silver Land is the fourth continent, the others being Bermesiah, Ellia, and Xenia. There are seven dungeons on this continent. It is the continent where players must go in order to unlock the eighth character Jin.


Players must complete Kerrie Beach in order to unlock this continent.


The following dungeons are on the continent of Silver Land, in order of appearance: Template:The Whispering Woods ▐ Crest: Treant Master Template:Ruins of the Silver Knights ▐ Crest: Silver Knights Template:Lake Aurora ▐ Crest: Claw Shrimp Slayer Template:King Guang's Fen ▐ Crest: Crest of the Aquamarine Knight Template:Primeval Island ▐ Crest: Primeval Herbicide Template:King Fang's Lair ▐ Crest: The Sagacious Ruler Template:Victor's Fortress ▐ Crest: Black Knights


  • When Season 3 arrived, the map of Silver Land is just facing the left position rather than right position.
  • Silver Land is under Bermesiah Continent in Season 3. Silver Land must be a part of Bermesiah rather than Xenia.
  • Because Silver Land was made a low-leveled continent during Xenia's construction, it led to mass confusion upon the storyline, as it was originally thought dungeon levels go in order. It is likely that Silver Land came after Ellia, as all the male characters (excluding Sieghart except for one point) appeared.

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