Shine Warrior

1st Job:Chi Fighter

2nd Job:Shine Warrior

3rd Job:Solaris

4th Job:Empress

5th Job:Solar Fighter

Jade's New WeaponEdit

Jade needed a weapon that could be easily used with her style.Jade's style is a mixture of Staff Fighting,Martial Arts,and Blades.So when she put those all together she got the idea of of staff with hatchets with an item that gather solar energy into one spot,she chose sais as the item.

The weapon was called:Sol Taiyou(Solar Sun)


Weapon:Sol Taiyou

Solar Bar

Solar Stances

Shine Warriors often accelerate their speed to pull off a death in seconds.They also have stance moves that either defend or evade,but they do not attack because they conserve their strength.Shine Warriors also have the ability of sending solar explosions right in the middle of nowhere due to the fact they can manipulate solar energy.Their solar mode come in handy when you have your back against the wall,the solar mode puts up a shield of sun that takes damage for you but depletes the solar bar every hit.


Solar Swipe:Spins in a cartwheel two times then sticks an axe in the ground,finally scraping back.(5x Hits)

Shining Ruin:Jade swipes her hand and a big ball of sun scorches slowly throughout the field for 3 sec.(7x Hits)

Illuminate:She condenses balls of sun around her while covering herself in a sun cloak,then they explode in a mid-range field.(14x Hits)


  • Taiyou will vanquish my enemies!(Start)
  • Don't play around...(Start)
  • Concentrate...(Countered)
  • Taiyou!(During Specials)
  • Hmph!So this is your true power?(Win)
  • Taiyo reigns...(Win)


Basic Combo:Jade Stabs 2 times,then spins the Taiyou Staff 2 times,then chops once.(5x Hits)

Critical Attack:Jade adds extra emphasis on the last windmill spin.(2x Hits)

Double Attack:Jade Pushes forward while spinning her Taiyou Staff 2 times.(2x Hits)

Thrust:She uses solar energy to speed up her stab and thrusts.(2x Hits)

Solar Thrust:Hold X and she stores up solar energy into the Staff and thrusts harder than usual.(Wastes Solar Bar)(1x Hit)

Dash Attack:Spins in a circle on the ground slashing.(4x Hits)

Jump Attack:She slashes in mid-air(1x Hit)

Stances Moves:

  • Backflip Evasion:Hold A and press the opposite direction 2 times
  • Frontflip Evasion:Hold A and dash
  • Solar Shield:Reduces damage when hit.

Grab:Impales the enemy and she sticks the staff into the ground(2x Hits)


So Jade,you want a special type of weapon made for you only?Well,gather the pieces needed for this request and you will be granted the power of Taiyo forever.Are you sure you're ready for such power?




  • Collect 150 pieces of Hachet Fragments
  • Collect 150 pieces of Sai Blade Fragment
  • Collect 10 Gaikoz Essence


Trust Me

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