Likes:Swords,Bloody battle

Dislikes:The sun, Archery

Shana is part of a vampire clan that was thought to have died out years ago.Shana, disgusted with the human race, went to wipe them out.Right befor she attacked her fist village, she was interruppted by a noise in one of the temples.Looking in she saw the Grand Chase fight one of the gods and joins in to help.She is first meet at the Alter of Jugment.

1st job:Ninja

2nd job:???

3rd job:???

4th job:???

1mp:Double slash:Strikes the enemy twice

2mp:Bat swarm:A huge amout of bats come and attack everything

3rd:Demon summon:Shana summons a demon to fight for her

Her theme song is Evanescence Haunted:

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