When Cabe was first created, Sinclaire decided to make him take his first test to become a nicer person. What was this test? Instead of being served like a king, HE would have to serve her! No, not as a Maid, but as her futuristic "TV" repair man! Using a small toolbox filled with random gadgets, and the new claws infused with his mechanical arms, he shreds into the line of fire!

Attack: Low

Defence; High

Vitality: High

Speed: Low


Plasma Jolt: Cabe charges his claws, and claw forward, shocking the enemy and confusing them

Stinger Current: Cabe pulls out a metal girder, and slides it forward. He stomps on it was an electric infused leg, sending a current of electricity under the enemy.

Electro-Revolt: Cabe lodges both claws into the ground, and jet launches with his new metallic legs, causing him to dash at sonic speeds. He spirals up as he slides, causing a large electric wave to launch ahead.


"Time to get the hurt on!"

"Tell your kids about how much this hurt!"

"Yeah, sorry about frying you brain cells... Wait, I didn't?"

"Argh! The scary thing is I HAVE no nerves cells anymore!"

"Ooo! That stings! YEOWCH!"

"Back off, or I'll scratch that itch of yours on your EYE!"

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