==Sean 1st Job:Seeker


Job: Seeker

Weapon:Arm Blade

Abilities:Transform into a bear-cat


Sean Icon


1st Move:Tamer Crush:He rushes to the opponent and stabs 2 times the stabs downwards.

2nd Move:High Speed Onslaught:He randomly slashes the opponent then appears behind them then slashes wide ranged.

3rd Move:Bear-cat Commander:Commands 4 Bear-cats to attack the enemy,after the attack they howl to summon a giant Bear-cat and delivers a heavy punch.

Bear-cat MovesEdit

1st Move:Loud Howl:He claws 4 times then howl sending the enemy flying.

2nd Move:Slashing Roll:He rolls in mid-air then delivers a punch downwards.

3rd Move:Hammering Finish:He jumps in the air then crashes down like a meteor


Sean is a good-natured boy and cares for nature.He's friendly to everyone he meets but has the same ambition as Ryan does.Destroy evil for good once and for all,the only person in life that he hates is Kaze'aze.He was seperated from Ryan when Eyruell Island was in chaos,now he's stuck in the Anthum continent with no idea where he is.Until 1 day Grand chase found him.


Pet Peeve:Destruction,Kaze'aze,Evil



Continent:Eyruell Island


Afflictions:Grand Chase,Ryan

Voice:Australian voice


Grand Chase,I found this young boy named Sean and he found out about you.He was wondering if he could join you guys so that he can see his cousin again and defeat Kaze'aze.

-Old Man-

GP Mission:

  • Get 3 frags of Goblin's Headgear
  • 5 Pieces of Scorpion tail
  • 10 Fragments of Bear-Cat's Staff

Cash Mission:

  • 1 Crystal

Taunts and EntrysEdit

  • You can't beat me!
  • Ughh...
  • That the best you got?
  • Truth and Peace conquers all!^^
  • Guess that's it.
  • Let's start this shall we


Practice Mode DescriptionEdit

Sean is a relative of Ryan and holds an arm-blade for a weapon.Seekers has the ability of transforming into a bear-cat and can summon bear-cats to his side,also takes 30% of damage away from critical hits.

''Creator's Name:Yohannes L.''

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