Thralk Sabrille Zath Athras Keyava

Fan Character SabrilleEdit

Gender Female
Race Sylvan Elf
Hometown Eryuell Isle

Archblade, Rifle, Launcher, Cannon

Original Job Elven Elite
Age 21
Affiliations None



  • 1st Job: Ranger
  • 2nd Job: Gunman
  • 3rd Job: Grenadier
  • 4th Job: Blaster
  • 5th Job: Unknown


Made By: Zsashas (AKA Shakermach, Malijk, Durggan, Morak Samasa)

Age: 21

Favorite Activity: Target Practice

Sabrille is an Elven Elite who was banished from Eryuell Isle due to her violent tendencies. She refused to use a regular bow, preferring to use her own bow (which has a blade attached to it). Not the hardest character to unlock, but easily the most frustrating to complete a job change for. The first job is unique in that there are two modes to switch between: Sword Mode and Archer Stance. In Sword Mode, she uses her weapon similar to Elesis. In Archer Stance she can't move, but can turn on the spot to fire arrows at all enemies. Doesn't have to reload like Gun Slinger, but does have a limited supply of ammunition that can be purchased it the shop for GP or Cash (except the 1st job). When out of ammo, Sabrille resorts to using her gun for melee attacks. It is also possible to switch to melee mode even if you still have ammo left. The skills, however, remain the same whether you are in Melee or Firing Mode. The 3rd job, Grenadier, is the deadliest at melee attacks because of the large blade attached to the back of the Launcher. The 4th job lacks a blade, but makes up for it in sheer weapon size, allowing the wielder to deliver crushing blows.


Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
60000 GP Worn-Out Sabrille Mission
  • Collect 30 Symbols of Banishment (PvP)
  • Collect 10 Dragon's Bane (Wyrm's Maw 3 stars)
  • Collect 10 Endarion's Wings (Altar of Judgement 3 stars)
12000 Cash Premium Sabrille Mission
  • Collect 3 Symbols of Banishment (PvP)
  • Collect 1 Dragon's Bane (Wyrm's Maw 3 stars)
  • Collect 1 Endarion's Wing (Altar of Judgement 3 stars)

Job Changes Edit

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
9000 GP

Gunman Mission (GP)

  • Collect 400 Rifle Fragments
  • Collect 15 King Fang's Scales
9000 Cash Gunman Mission (Cash)
  • Collect 20 Rifle Fragments
  • Collect 1 King Fang's Scale
12000 GP Grenadier Mission (GP)
  • Collect 50 Medals of Victory
  • Collect 10 Dark Troll's Arm Spikes
  • Unlock Mari's 2nd Job "Gun Slinger"
  • Collect 3 Peacemakers
12000 Cash Grenadier Mission (Cash)
  • Collect 10 Medals of Victory
  • Collect 5 Dark Troll's Arm Spikes
  • Unlock Mari
  • Collect 1 Peacemaker