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Singer( I am the melody of light)Edit


Destiny icon

Description Edit

A singer wields a microphone in which it turns into a longer one in fighting mode.

Skills Edit

Sing mode

'1st skill: Melo'dious light

She sings while summoning large notes that deals damage and poison.
Destiny 1

Fighting mode

2nd skill: Rhythm of friendship

she sings a song which heals all her allies and increases attack and defense

3rd skill : Raging notes

as she sings, she also dances which causes the notes to have a life in their own

Fighting mode:

Destiny's microphone will turn into a longer one

1st skill: Spinning blade

swings her long microphone then flies and unleash a ground attack at the end

2nd skill: Stars scattered!

throws her microphone like a boomerang which deals damage in contact with

3rd skill: Wanted you to know

She sings a song then kicks enemy near her