Roia is the 4th Cotinent On The Game


-Roia Continent is a Continent from the South of the World. It is world reknown for the beutifull beaches perfect for vacations and on summer.

-It has only one Kingdom named Argos. The Kingdom has the Orb of Light which protect the continent and eliminate evil. Kingdom of Argos ruled by a good king.

-The Continent existed with peace until it was slowly ruined by the most trusted loyal servant of the King named Khantru. He work at the palace so many years ago to deciete the King and he try to steal and make a curse to the Orb of Light.

-The King stopped him but he failed. The Orb of Light turned to Orb of Darkness. The orb of darkness corrupts a heart of a being and fill it with darkness and hatred. The King told Lucas and Eire to go to a far away place.

-As the King requested, Lucas and Eire go to Alibi Mountain where Lucas lived before the King saw and took him. As they felt starved, they go to the nearest village to find some food and tell the people what happened.

-Meanwhile, the Grand Chase are on their vacation trip to Roia. Will they have thier best summer vacation? Or thier worst nightmare?


Unlocking:Players Must Complete Deemon's Pass To Unlock This ContinentEdit

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