This was made to go along with my boyfriends Ruin Knight





Dislikes:People who make fun of Riku's Drawings

Rianku is Riku's girl friend.After chasing down Kaze Aze to get him back she finds out she was beat by Grand Chase.Then to stay by her boyfriends side she joins to to help him to get Ronan to remember him.She is a ruin mage like Riku is a ruin knight.

1st:Ruin Mage Wepon:Ruin Staff

2nd:Hyroglifices Reader Wepon:???



Black Ruin:

1mp;Fire Ruin

2mp:Thunder Ruin

3mp:Curse Ruin

White Ruin:

1mp:Ice Ruin

2mp:Wind Ruin

3mp:Heal Ruin

Ruin abilities give off a radome skill one of your characters have unlocked in there magic ablitlites.Like Arme's WL can use tornado, a wind ruin can give of that skill or any other ramdome wind magic skill any character you have has.

Theme:Earth Wind Fire and Air:

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