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Wesker Icon


Weskers first job, he fights with his enchanted coffin to cause great damage. This slows him down though due to its tremendous weight. He can fire magical energy from it as well as clobber his enemy senseless with it

Attack: High

Defense: Medium

Vitality: Medium

Speed: Low


Flaming Torpedo: Weskers coffin glows orange and flies out of his hands at high speed, damaging enemies infront of him

HellHounds Roar: Weskers coffin glows orange as he spins on his toes firing flames all around him

Executioners Blood: Wesker cuts his hand, letting blood drip to the floor. The Japanese Kanji for "Death" appears below him as fire pillars erupt around him


"It ends here"

"You haven't killed me yet"

"Dodge this"

"We're both pathetic."

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