Weapon:Tensa Sword

He has a Hollow bar that turns him into Hollow Ethan


Renegade 2
Ethan was exploring the Alasion Region and found a Soul Reaper named Rukuria and she challenged Ethan to a duel.Long after the battle started,Rukuria was very annoyed with his talent with speed and swordsman ship so she incased Ethan in the blast of ice.Ethan was paralyzed and could not move,Rukuria then put her hand on the ice and was about to break it.Ethan thought this was the end,But sinister power was filling Ethan ever since he entered Alasion and he transform into the Hollow,a much more higher skilled opponent then a Soul Reaper.Then Rukuria was shocked and removed her hand from the ice.Ice started to melt and Ethan head was twitching was laughter and psychotic feelings and slashed Rukuria right through her body.She was torn into pieces.Ethan now obtained the power of psychotic and will continue further into the darkness of Alasion


Sharp Slash:Stabs 2 times,slashes 2 times and anyone near the slashes even though there not hit they'll take damage.

Getsuga Strike:Slashes downwards 2 times then slashes again but this time a giant dark-red wave is released.

Flurry of Slashes:Trips the enemy slashes up sending the person up then slashes lots of heavy slashes with an explosion at the end.

Hollow Moves:Edit

Hollow Sharp Slash:Ethan blows Bankai and the person is sent up into the air and slashes once with heavy damage.

Hollow Getsuga Strike:Appears behind,in front and on top of the enemy hitting the enemy with 3 small Gestsuga Strikes then slashes a giant Getsuga Strike and it keeps going.

Hollow Flurry of Slashes:Slashes 5 times,stabs 3 times,slashes two times again,slashes upwards sending the person upwards,finally the person is hit in the air by an instant explosion.


Regular Combo:Slashes 2 times,Stabs 3 times,then kicks.

Critical Attack:Twirls around kicking 2 times.

Double Attack:Stabs harder than last time.

Dash Attack:Stabs forwards hard for 2 sec.

Jump Attack:He frontflips kicking down slightly.

Bankai Wave:In Hollow Mode you can summon a wave of Bankai to hurt and curse enemies.

Hollow Stinger:Low kicks in a 360 circle.

Grab:Stabs the sword in the enemy and pulls it out with laughter.


At the Start of Battle:Edit

  • ~Laughs for 2 sec.~This'll be fun!

During Battle:Edit

  • Come here,Let me cut you!>:D
  • Are you disturbed?!

During Specials:Edit

  • Yahahahaha!


  • Why you little!
  • You'll pay!


  • Was I too scary(Turns back to normal)
  • I gotta stop laughing.


It seems that a Soul Reaper wants to kill you.Well,don't worry I know you'll overcome againist her,but don't let her out of your sight even if you let her go for 2 sec. she'll freeze you.So Ethan I advise caution in this battle.

~Knight Master~

GP Mission:

  • Obtain 300 Tensa Sword Fragments
  • Acquire 10 Hollow Skull Pieces from Gaikoz.

Cash Mission:

  • Obtain 10 Tensa Sword Fragments
  • Acquire 1 Hollow Skull from Gaikoz

Theme SongEdit

Number One

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