The Ranks of Vantora make up Vantora itself.The following have different meanings:

Flame Boss The leader of the clan.He has the strongest flame level(besides the Alpha Flame) and is in charge of everything.He/She is the pride of the clan.
The Alpha Flame The one chosen to save the world from evil,has the strongest flame level(Besides the Flame Boss)and he/she is in charge of the natural flame side.
Law It is an Organization that has no skill in flames but has great tactics in fighting.It is divided into 2 groups,Flame Judgement and Level 5.They teamed up with Vantora to rid away evil.
Flame Judgement A group of people who are usually Espers or Sisters/Priests,they are the 1st rated organization in law.They have skills that looks like they're using flames but really they are using science or Holy Beliefs.
Flame Flare The Right hand man of the Flame Boss and The Alpha Flame,he always protects and never leave their sides no matter what.
Level 5 A group of people who have no ability with anything flame-related,but their tactics in battle are quite useful at times and they use medieval weapons like Lances,Maces,and Shields.
Fire Knights/Flame Bud

Flame Buds and Fire Knights have the same level of Flame but use different tactics.

Fire Knights:Red and Orange Clothing,Swords,Shields,and Spears

Flame Buds:Black and Red Clothing,Flame Staffs,Fire Manipulation

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