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Fan Character Raide Edit

RaideRaide's First Job: Guardian
Gender Male
Hometown Kaze 'aze Castle, Ellia
Weapons Spiked Shield, Dual Maces, Conductor Baton, MP3, Hat
Original Job Guardian
Age 18
Affiliations Grand Chase, Kaze 'aze


Raide Icon

Creator: Shadowfang3000

Age: 18

Likes: Amy, Caring for his hat, Flirting (And failing for that matter), Being his perverted self, Spying on girls changing rooms, Driking Wine, Spending his families money

Dislikes: Casual clothes, Hand-to-hand combat, Jin, Mari, Being in Debt (He constantly is), Being Bored

Story Edit

He has been following the chase after they killed his mother, Kaze'aze,but they have not noticed his appearance, not yet that is. Raide was created through darkness and the blood of Kaze'aze, making him the son of Kaze'aze although unlike her he is not evil. Kaze 'aze put him through training with a young boy she had possessed called Lass. During the attack on Kaze'aze castle, Raide was in Kerrie beach, relaxing. After news of Kaze'aze death came to Bermisiah, Raide burst into action, pursuing the chase through the many lands, until he revealed himself at Xenia border, he assisted the chase against Octus after discovering he had obtained the remnants of Kaze'aze's power. After the battle, he joined the chase, vowing that he (as the new leader of Kaze'azes armies) will right Kaze'azes wrongs. Raide has a unique style of combat, based mainly on defence, with very low attack power, using a spiked shield as a weapon. He also has the ability to summon Kaze'aze to assit him for short moments. His attacks are mainly based pushing enemies away rather then injuring them. He has 2 modes, Offfensive and Defensive.

Voice Edit

Raide has a slight Spanish accent, yet he uses some stereotypical Australian words, such as "Mate"

Mission Edit

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
30000 GP Worn-Out Raide Mission
  • Collect 10 Fragments KazeKarman Shield
  • Clear All Ellia Continent Dungeons Three Star Difficulty
9800 Cash Premium Raide Mission
  • Collect a Gem

Skill tree Edit


Moves Level Description
Champion Guard 10 Raide throws his shield in the ground and grabs hold, making it impossible to be sent flying by any attack! Sadly though, he cannot attack or move during this
Your face, my size 9 shoe!   20 Raide stomps down to the ground, dealing tremendous damage, this move only works on enemies on the floor


  • He has a trait every single member of the 'Azes happens to have. A bad sense of direction. (He often asks Deimos where to go, despite his direction being just as bad)
  • Good friends with Nereus
  • Suffers from a Inferiority Complex, finding his mother, father and sister superior to him.
  • EXTREMELY perverted! Constantly having delusions of naked women, and sometimes going off in a trance when being yelled at by a female, and imagining them naked!
  • Based on Casanova and Rocketbilly Redcadillac (From Gungrave)