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Fan Character Raeo

Raeo Peacemaker
Raeo's Second Job: Peacemaker
Gender Male
Hometown Palace Of Disciples
Weapons Spiked Bo-Staff, Katana and Knuckle, Shield and Chained Mace, ?, ?
Original Job War Monk
Age 13
Affiliations Discples Of War, Grandchase

Raeo Icon

  • 1st Job: War Monk
  • 2nd Job: Peacemaker
  • 3rd Job: Enlightened Warrior
  • 4th Job: Grand Master
  • 5th Job: Monk Ultima


Made By: (IGN lordraeo) (Real Name S. A.- Maclolm C.) (wiki(a) lordraeo)

Age: 13

Favorite Activity: Breaking Faces

Pet Peeve: Meditating

Raeo longed for something more interesting than meditation all day. So he created an underground group of monks called The Disciples Of War or 'War Monks' and developed a style of combat and weapons to use that would be unique to them alone. His master had always taught him that defense was the best offense and so some of the weapons he created were defensive yet could easily deliver crushing blows to enemies. Within the year of his 13th birthday war broke out across Tyrenna. The palace was destroyed. Everyone but Raeo died in the battle. He fled swearing he would have his revenge.


Raeo is a base character and therefore does not need to be unlocked.