Jin The PunisherEdit


Weapon: Jangriya

Burn gauge fills up faster and lasts longer.

Strike Stance similar to Rama.


Even though Jin has reached enlightenment he must master moves that are beyond his training. To do so, he has to pass the Trial of the Punisher to master his skills and banish all monsters from the continent. The gods told him to obtain the weapon of Jangriya as it is the only weapon durable and powerful enough to withstand Jin's hidden power without breaking. After Jin has obtained the Jangriya he is able to acheive his maximum power, a power able to blow monsters away. Now Jin will continue his journey to demolish evil as the Punisher!


  1. Searing Strike: Punches 2 times, hits an X with the Jangriya then strikes across the enemy's face.
  2. Glowing Bash: Bashes 6 times with his palms then tackles harshly causing an explosion.
  3. Punishing Outrage: Starts glowing and swishing back and forth in the air then crashes to the ground causing multiple hits of damage.

Burning MovesEdit

  1. Burning Searing Strike: Kicks 2 times, hits 3 X's and whacks the enemy in the face.
  2. Burning Glowing Bash: He creates 4 glowing balls of chi, throws them at the enemy, then pushes the enemy into the wall causing massive damage.
  3. Burning Punishing Outrage: Spins in a circle with the blade pointing outward while slowly rising into the air, then crashes down causing more multiple hits than the last one.


  • Are you ready?
  • Prepare yourself!
  • Hmph...Nice...
  • Give up your fears and fight!
  • Next time it will work...
  • Stop running and come at me!
  • Maybe someday we will cross paths again...
  • Lost focus?
  • Never underestimate your opponent...


Regular Combo: Whacks 2 times with his Jangriya, kicks 2 times, then slashes.

Critical Combo: He smashes the enemy to the ground.

Double Attack: Same as Asura's Storm Fist.

Dash Attack: Lunges at the enemy and crashes to the ground.

Defense: X + Up (increases Defense for 6 seconds)

Jump Attack: Kicks down.

Grab: Grabs the person and whacks him/her with the eskrimas.

Strikes: (XX to enter Strike Stance)

  • Down: Middle Slash
  • Up: Horizontal Uppercut
  • Right (facing right): Raging Thrust(Straight)
  • Z: Downward Crush
  • Left (facing right): Reverse Thrust


GP Mission:

1st part:

  • Obtain 3 Mynos Claws
  • Get 10 Starkiln's Fire Crests
  • Find 4 Xenia Map Pieces
  • 30 Medals of the Gods

2nd part:

  • Obtain 5 Seals of Judgement
  • Get 10 Ice Fang Claws
  • Find 3 Orbs of Wisdom
  • 20 Medals of the Gods

3rd Part:

  • Obtain 3 Seals of Destruction
  • Get 20 Rukkha's Chi Orbs
  • Get 10 Branches of Life
  • Get 1 Seal of Ascension

Cash Mission:

1st part:

  • Obtain 1 Mynos Claw
  • Get 5 Starkiln's Fire Crests
  • Get 10 Medals of the Gods

2nd part:

  • Get 1 Seal of Judgement
  • Get 5 Ice Fang Claws
  • Get 10 Medals of the Gods

3rd Part:

  • Obtain 1 Seal of Destruction
  • Get 10 Rukkha's Chi Orbs
  • Get 10 Branches of Life

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