Cabe sat next to Sinclaire on her Hi-Tech mega Sofa, his parts whirring with a new upgrade, Sinclaire stood up, and epicly whipped off her goggles, handing then to Cabe as an unforseen wind blew her hair about:
"Woah! Heh, whats this all about Sinc?" She pulled the lense, and hopped on Cabe's lap childishly, fiddling with his mechanical eye

"Your final upgrade! Teehee!" She giggled, inplanting a Psy Infused Goggle lense into his eye.

Attack: High

Defence: Medium

Vitality: High

Speed: Very High


Mocking Blow: Cabe Axe-kicks, leans forward and wiggles his finger in a "Oh no you don't" manner, then fires a beam from his eye

Shock Troop Stinger!: Cabe's claws ping off, and whirl together close, before Cabe infuses them with electricity and psychically send them flying at high speeds

Anti-Matter: Cabe hops into the air, his psy abilities suspending him in the air. The sound of a whirling fan backwards occurs, as all nearby foes are dragged towards him, and rocks from the ground tear off. They all compress around Cabe, trapping him, before all sound in existences stops. A sigh is heard, before Cabe pushes all the enemies and rocks back at unnaturally high speeds in an explosion, turning them all into projectiles


"Hands on heads!"

"Okay, NOW we're talkin'!"

"Heads up!"

"How's this for you?"


"Lets see how ya dance!"

"Argh! That was my Power Converter I got from Tosche Station!"

"Offff! Just... Wait a minute..."

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