Coco Pope
re highly intelligant priests who use books that can summon attacks




Pope's help-all teammates will have extra natal ring.

Bomb of light-Bomb will appear at the teammates they will not hurt them but heal them.

God's Blessing-All the teammates will heal 100% HP & MP.


Meteor curse-all Enemies will be cursed with big damage.

Blood bolt-Bolt of blood will hurt all enemies.

2012-all disasters will happen and all enemies will die.

Skill treeEdit

Black magicEdit

Heaven 's sword

Coco summons one neon sword

to transform the weapon.To Cancel press C

Thunder Bow

Coco uses a bow to an enemy being inprison by a thunder


Angel Micheal's Spear

Coco Uses angel micheal's spear to hit rapidly at the enemy

this technique combo lasts 999 hits.

White magicEdit

Deligible mass Coco helds a mass by healing teammates 100%you and teammates.
Angel wing Feathers of the angels wings will fall From the sky saving yourself and teammates.
GP Sprinkle Coco sprinkles 100,000,000 GP For the player who uses this skill.

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