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Phantoms were once an elite force under the command of Gardosen. They were a more physical variant of Liches, and were used alongside them to compensate for Liches terrible physical strength. Wielding large hammers made of pure Granite they were not to be messed with. Wesker has taken up their hammer which is double his size, and prepares to fight as a defender. Using X Wesker can now enter Power Stance like Duelist, and hold positions with ease.

Strength: High

Defence: High

Vitality: Low

Speed: Low



Impact Crush: Wesker brings his hammer down to clobber the enemy before launching them into the air with an upward swing.

Hammer of Dawn: Wesker brings his hammer over his head as the sun rises above him and fires a ray of light forwards.

Granite Furnace: Wesker swings low before spinning like a top into the air to strike his enemies numerous times. He ends this combo and flies down to the floor like a rocket, causing a huge explosion


"I pity you."


"This is a sport."

"The myth lives on..."

"Are you there?"

"Offf... Such strength..."

"Ugh... Impressive."

"You are still but a student, I am the master"

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