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The Paladins of old were known as the representation of Samsara, and the gods. For years, with his strategy figurine games, Lloyd has thought of impossible situations for his forces to fight for, only to recall of his Paladins. After aspiring for his whole life to become what his father was fabled to be, Lloyd takes off on his steed, Dóiteáin, and at hands his fathers lance, Sliabh, and the legendary horn of the Paladins, Gaoithe.

Attack: High

Defense: Medium

Vitality: High

Speed: Very High


The Horn that was Blowing: Lloyd pulls out his horn as his steed rears up. He blows it, giving all allies a speed boost for 10 seconds

The Wind in the Meadow: Lloyd blows his horn much louder, as a large wind spins around him. Dealing quick damage to nearby foes

Lord of the Mountain: Lloyd strokes his steeds ear, before spinning his lance and lodging it in the ground. Fire erupts in the shape of a mountain as Lloyd shouts a warcry, dealing massive damage and confusing foes extremely close.

Panel of Light: Lloyd attacks using his head like a headbutt bit causes too much recoil and might die in every gameplay so be careful to activate this skill always be wary of the consequences.


"With haste!"

"Stick with me!"

"I'm at your side!"

"Follow my command!"

"Together! We will accomplish any feet!"

"Ack! Fall back!"

"Offff! Wounded! MEDIC!"

"I've seen kittens commanding better then this!"

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