Ouroboros, Guardian of Caliburn

Ouroboros or Uroboros is a Python creature in the depths of the Shadow Realm, created by the Partholons and intentionally to guard Caliburn's Altar.

It is a "four-headed" python containing the four prime elements of Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Poison. Each "head" is attached to a specific body by an unknown, possibly magical, chain or body.


Each head will fire a burst of their own element simultaneously. Of course, if one is near the head, it will not fire.
As the battle is prolonged, the heads may turn 90 degrees to the right and breathe their fire on the sides of the field. They can also breathe the flames directly on the center.

In order to defeat Ouroboros, the neck of the snake must be destroyed, which will cause the head to collapse to the ground temporarily, leaving it vulnerable. After approximately 6 seconds, the body will completely heal itself, and thus, repeating the process. This has to be done to each head.
After a head is "destroyed", the neck will absorb a force field and the entire body will blacken. However, it will still attack until all the heads are defeated.


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