Antheia icon

After long months of training in Black and White magic, Antheia has fused them together and armed herself with Partusays very own trident. The Osprey had been born

Attack: High

Defense: Medium

Vitality: Medium

Speed: Medium


White MagicEdit

Moons Blessing: Increased defense for all.

Sun Comes Down: A small Sun appears over Antheia, and it fires a laser infront of her.

Twilight Hour: Cures team mates and gives a 20 second Boost heal.

Black MagicEdit

Tybalt Blood: Antheia fires 3 orbs of fire in quick succession

Cerberus Growl: Lowers the stats of all enemies

The Hunting Bird: Antheia summons an Osprey infront of her, which flies around her, firing orbs of shadow.


"Fall to the power of the Ancients!"

"It ends now!"

"Stand aside, scum."

"Easy now!"

"Watch it boy!"

"You bloody..."

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