Jobs:Soul stepper

2: unknow


Name: Jay the hero

Wepond: Nunkchucks

Story: He is the lost hero of Grand chase fan and after his dead a special ligthing bot hits his grave and he was shocked him back to life with a burst of enegy. Now he is come back to slay the monster that had kill him 70 year ago . He now want to help grand chase and to get revenge on his dead and his lost love ones over the 70 years he was dead

MP skillls

Rage Beam This skill is went her takes his 2 nunk chucks and smash his opponent in to far distance
Fallen hope He charges at his opponent in a blink of a eye and blastes them in the air and smashs them down with a blust of ligthing power
Blaze of Fate He Charges up all his energy dash at the oppenent and rapidliy hit them upppward and rams his enemy down with a ligthing bolt

GP misson

Cost 10020gp          

Misson: Clear kanze aze and get hit by her ligthing blots 2 times and surive

Clear hell brige 3 times with out using  more than 2 exta lifes

Get 50 gems

Cash misson

Get one gem

Quote: How dare you fight me are you crazy? All power but no brains . You have all of those skill and dont know how to use it