Elesis Lire Arme Ronan Lass Ryan Amy Jin Sieghart


GC Lire Icon

1th Job: Archer - Skill Tree

2nd Job: Crossbowman - Unreleased

3rd Job: Arch Ranger - Unreleased

4th Job: Nova - Unreleased

5th Job: Bow Master - skill tree


Lire's 4th Job, Nova

Novas are legendary Elven heroes whose name means, “One that will save the world from darkness.” Lire is Eryuell Island’s very first Nova.

Although Kaze'aze has been defeated, a new crisis threatens the Continent of Bermesiah: the Elves must confront Dark Anmon’s invading forces if they wish to restore peace to the land. The Elven elders of Eryuell Island discovered ancient weapon schematics in the Kastulle Ruins and incorporated what they learned to develop a new, more powerful weapon, the Composite Bow.

After Lire defeats Kaze’aze and Dark Anmon and completes the test detailed in the Kastulle Ruins’ weapon schematics, the Elven elders will reward her with the new Composite Bow and the title of Nova. Lire, as Eryuell Island’s first Nova, is an inspiration to all Novas who come after her.

Novas are Elven archery masters who move with complete freedom and wield Composite Bows which combine the strengths of a crossbow and giant bow. This allows for the rapid multi-shots of the crossbow and the powerful finishing blows of the giant bow to be incorporated in devastating combo attacks that can swiftly defeat enemies before they can approach a Nova. Her high jumps and agile dashes are essential to the Nova’s basic combat strategy of confusing and maintaining distance from enemies. Even when surrounded, Novas can use short-range skills to break through the enemy line.

In the events of Lire's Hero, a Xbow-wielding Nova is to be defended.

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