Fan Char. NighteressEdit






Likes:the dark, shadows

Dislikes:Bright sunny days

Nighteress is an elf who loves darkness and evil.She is a spy, double crosser and trickster for the kingdom of Jinxnerass.She meets the Chase at King Fangs Lair first and then later on joins them in Kingi Village.After seeing the skills Lass posseses she desides to tag along in hopes of learning a move or two from lass.

Nighteress is a trickster who uses the shadows as cover.She will always be waitng to deal a fatal blow.

1st:Spy Wepeon:Curveed bladed daggers

2nd:Trickster: Wepeon:Gamble Deck

3rd:Jinx Wepeon:Hex book


1st job mp:

1mp:Throat cutter:Slashes at enemy

2nd:Shadow step:Jumps from the shadows and attacks

3rd:Thief:Steals mp and hp

2nd job:

1mp:Ace of spades:Summons spades to attack

2mp:King of hearts:Summons hearts to attack

3mp:deck throw:Throws the deck of cards like daggers

3rd job:

1mp:Jinx:Curses the enemy

2mp:Hex:Freezes the enemy

3rd:Petrefrided:Turns the enemy to stone

Her theme is Kingdom Hearts Shrouding Dark Cloud:

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