Necklaces are used to improve yours attacks. Necklaces can be brought in GP and Cash. Remember, GP necklace(Wind necklace) is the only necklace that can be broken.

Types of necklacesEdit

Wind NecklaceEdit

Wind necklace is the only necklace that can be bought through GP. Within it has the power of Sylph, the wind fairy.

Heart NecklaceEdit

Heart necklace is a necklace with the power of Cupid, the angel of love.

Light NecklaceEdit

Light Necklace has the power of Earendil, the angel of light

Lighting NecklaceEdit

Lighting Necklace has the power of Ixion, the lighting fairy within.

Fire NecklaceEdit

Fire necklace has the power of Salamander, the spirit of fire

Shadow NecklaceEdit

Shadow Necklace has the power of Sheol, the dark fairy

Ice NecklaceEdit

Ice Necklace has the power of Frau, the ice fairy

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