Morak was an ordinary mage from Silver Cross Town, working with the local wizard's guild since he was five. When he was seven, Kaze'aze attacked, and stole his friend Lass. On that day, the leader of the guild leaped in front of Kaze'aze's meteor to save Morak. As the leader lay dieing, he told Morak a code to open a secret safe, which he said held his powerful elemental weapons. He left the leadership of the guild to Morak, then died. Morak swore to avenge the death of his master, and to save Lass. He took up the guild leader's weapons, and left Silver Cross to find Kaze'aze.



Get 10 Basilisk Teeth from Temple of Fire. (0/10)

Get 15 Kamiki's Gems from Ellia Continent. (0/15)

Get 20 Partusay's Throne Fragments from Partusay's Sea. (0/20)


Collect 1 Crystal (0/1)

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