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Sinclaire icon

Its Mod Sinclaire! Utilizing her brand new computer tower with over 9000 terabytes of RAM, She can literally fire data at enemies like a mortar, despite its odd angle of firing and slow rate of attack, it is powerful when put in experts hands.


Computer mode:Edit

Arc Bomber: Sinclaire fires 3 shots in quick succession, each one fired higher then the other

CD Porter: Sinclaire sets the computer on the floor and it fires 5 disks that boomerang forward and back

Wisdom of the 4 fore-fathers: Sinclaire leaps into the air, firing 4 glowing orbs that encirle here at super-sonic speed, before she dispells them in a blast of energy

Time travel mode:Edit

(note: When in this mode, Sinclaire's basic attack is melee)

Alamo: William Travis and James Bowie charge with a small squad of men, firing their rifles

Zulu tribes: The Zulu's attack with their spears pointed upwards before jumping and crashing their spears into the floor

The Ever-lasting: Sinclaire travels in time and brings back...Herself! Both Sinclaires fire thousands of energy bombs from their computers without aiming or looking.

Attack: High

Vitality: High

Defence: Low

Speed: Dangerously low




"Killing spree!"

"Fan- flipping- tastic!"

"Do I owe you money!"

"Ow! My beautiful butt!"