Eye Recolour Blue by Witchkitteh
Fan Char. Lunar






Likes:Full moons,Stars

Dislikes:Cloudy nights

Lunar is an exile elf that had lived life in the shadows.Because of her powers over the moon she is consetered dangerous even though it is unknow why.She first meets the Chase at Victors castle where she is seeking out the silver knights.After finding out that jin is all that is left of them she sets off to prove she isnt all that dangerous as others think.All the while facing harsh coments from Lire about her exilelty.

Lunar switches between wepeons kinds so shes really well balanced in her skills.Her first job is Atronemer.Her wepeon is a star scope sword witch lets her switch between a sword and a telescope.In her first job she switches in and out of sword mode and scope mode.All mp skills in theis job remain the same no matter what mode she is in. Second job is Luna Archer.Here she uses a star bow, a kind of bow that as a star attached to where the arrow is suposse to be fitted.When firing she send of flying stars than cuts enemies to ribbons.Third is Planet Ringer.Here she uses star chakerien, a chakerien that looks like jupeters rings with stars attached to them.With it she causes multipul damange in one hit.Fourth and final is Moon Socerer.Here she really show her power over the moon.Her wepeon,the star staff, lets her cast power moon spells.

Lunar doesnt stick to a pictular weopeon in interest.All her wepeons are differnt kind and they all come from a star metal so they all start with star.

1st job:Astronemer Wepeon:Star Scope Sword

2nd:Luna Archer Wepeon:Star Bow

3rd:Planet Ringer Wepeon:Star Charerien

4th:Moon Socerer Wepeon:Star Staff

1st Job skills:

1mp:Lazer moon slash:Slashes the enemy with a powerful moon lazer

2nd:Flying stars:Lunar uses her wepeon to send mini stars everywhere

3rd:Comet Blaze:Lunar summons a powerful comet to fly across the field and destroy her enemies.

2nd job:

1mp:Triple shot:Lunar sends out 3 stars arrows one after another to attack the enemy.

2nd:Blazing Star:Send out a flaming star to burn everything

3rd:Metor shower:Summons a huge amount of stars to cut apart everything

3rd job:

1mp:Star release:Lunar throws the stars on her chakeriens off and send them everywhere

2nd:Jupiter's Rings:Lunar uses her chakeriens to send ot flying rings that slash apart everything.goes in a straight line)

3rd:Planet frenze:Lunar goes crazy with her chakerien and sends stars and rings everywhere.

4th job:

1mp:Quarter moon:Lunar send a quart moon flying across the field

2mp:Half Moon:Lunar summons hlaf a moon and it falls on her enemies.

3rd:Full moon:Lunar summons a full moon and it sends out a powerful lazer.

If she had a theme song it would be Kingdom Hearts Sacred Moon:

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