HomeTown:Roia Continent.

Likes:His bestfriend Eire.

Dislikes:When the Orb of Light turns into Orb of Darkness and shatered into pieces.

Lucas is a loyal servant of the Argos kingdom and the bestfriend of King's daughter, Princess Eire.

He is an Orphan that lived somewhere in South Mountains. When the caravan of the King saw Lucas, he adopted him because Lucas is lonely and starved. He cared Lucas at the palace. In this event. because the King helped him, Lucas wants to be a servant in the castle. The King decline and Lucas refuse. So the King made Lucas a personal servant of the princess, Eire. They became bestfriends.

After the Argos incident, he joins Grand Chase to protect the Kingdom. Finding him at the gates of Serdin.


1st Job Shaman


"What was that?"

"Freak!! Hahaha!"

"Don't judge me as if you can defeat me!

"Spirits, come forth and exorcist that prank"

"Hell no! I'm not stupid like you"

"Yeah great! I like to fall down, wanna join with me"

"Hey don't you ever kick my ass"

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