NOTE: all of the armor sets below are for fan characters

Exclusive to: Edit

Kyro: Edit

Elemental armor (element here) (5,000 Gp)

Aprentice armor (element here) (5,000 Gp)

Summoner armor (element here) (10,000 Gp)

Nina: Edit

? ? ? ?

Lord Raeo: Edit

Lord's armor (120,000 Gp)

Fallen Lord's armor (10,000 Cash)

Hell's Blood armor (25,000 Cash)

Raide: Edit

Torn Warrior armour (7,500 Cash)

Sinclaire: Edit

Future Athlete Suit (2,000 Cash)

SF3K-X: Edit

? ? ? ?


Rejuvenation Set 300000gp


Composer Set (2000Cash)


Torn out Tamer's outfit(3000 Cash)


God servant armor set(2000Cash)

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