&nbsp Name:Lilthian



Likes:Love, Healing

Dislikes:People who are hurt

Lilthian is a Life Mage.She uses Life Magic to heal her team mates.She has two modes,Healing mode and Holy mode.Healing mode is when she can heal.Holy mode is where she uses white magic to attack.

1st job Love staff

1st:Life Mage Wepon:Love Staff

2nd:White Wizard Wepon:Rose Staff



Life magic:

2nd job Rose Staff

1st:Either:Returns half a teammates mp

2mp:Cure:Removes Curses(Curse, Peterfiy ect)

3mp:Heal:Heales team mates

Holy magic:

Angels Song:Stuns the enemy

Voices of light:Holy light comes and drains hp

Holy Blast:Holy light destroys enemies

2 Life magic:

1mp:Healing Tree:Summons a tree to give hp

2mp:Holy Buff:Surronds team mates with holy light as a buff

3mp:Angels Voice:Angels sing a song to Heal team mates

2 Holy magic:

1mp:Holy sword:Summons swords to slash enemies apart

2mp:Lights Blast:Light comes and is used as a lazer

3mp:Angels Power:Angels are summoned to attack enemies

Theme:The Encounter Remix:

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