The Chaos Knight




Lightning Blade is one of the most powerful Elementalists to be ever known. They possess extremely high ranks of Combat and Lightning. Lightning Blades are pretty lethal warriors, as they possess much knowledge of battle and skill.

Lightning Blades wield advanced weaponry swords, called "Gladius". They possess extreme high balance and are easy light-weights, and far more powerful than many other standard Swords.

In addition, Lightning Blades have a connection to the Darkness, and can become one of them. This form he takes is called "Chaos Knight" the 2nd highest rank out of all the Dark Knights. They possess elite Dark Magic to eliminate their foes. These Dark Forces of the Elementalist are surprisingly capable of fighting along side with the their opposite, and not succumbed to the Darkness.


Worn-Out Lightning Blade MissionEdit

Level Requirement: 30

Cost: 100000 GP

Lightning is an advanced property, dealing a shocking effect that keeps your foe intact, rather than frosted or burned. It could be great for thievery, but it possesses strong damage for a spell. Think about it, Chase.


Lightning Blade MissionEdit

Level Requirement: 30

Cost: 7000 Cash

Lightning is an advanced property, dealing a shocking effect that keeps your foe intact, rather than frosted or burned. It could be great for thievery, but it possesses strong damage for a spell. Think about it, Chase.


Basic MovementsEdit

Keystrokes Name Effect
ZZ Basic Combo Shadow will fight with his swords, unlike the previous forms. It strikes a total of 4 times, whereas each of these hit commands strike twice.
Z+Arrow R Crit/Double: Cross Slash During the Basic Combo, the next hit will do a cross slash forward.
Arrow RArrow R+Arrow RArrow R Sonic Dash Shadow will dash at Light Speed. Targets in Sonic Dash will be pushed away and possibly take damage.
Grab Effect Spin Slash Shadow will push the target onto the ground, and leap across, using a spin attack.
Fall Recovery Rising Slash Shadow will do a Twin Uppercut Slash with his Swords when downed.
Arrow U+Z Aerial Slash Shadow will pull out his two swords and then use them as a twin strike.
Arrow U+Z+Arrow D Lightning Smash Shadow will dive down with his swords pointed toward the ground. They will produce sparks of lightning which will travel along the floor.
Arrow RArrow R+Z Thunder Stab Shadow will stab his enemy producing Lightning energy. When hitting a wall, it will produce sparks of lightning which will travel along the floors and walls.
Arrow D+Z Electrical Wave Shadow will shoot an Electrical Wave on the ground, similar to Ice Blade. This version is made of Lightning, rather than Ice.
Arrow U+ZZ Casting Lightning Bolt Shadow will cast an Lightning Bolt, a Shocking sphere of Lightning. Can cast up to 5.
(Note: Lightning Bolt charges at a 1.5 second pace. Getting knocked down with any possible charges will cause them all to disappear.)
Arrow R+Z with Lightning Bolt Charges Lightning Bolt Shadow will throw the Lightning Bolt at the target. Lightning Bolt stuns longer than Icebolt, and more charges of Lightning can chain more targets per bolt, or knockdown the foe per overlapping bolt.
When Downed, Arrow D+Z Teleport When Shadow is in a downed state, he will teleport behind the enemy (person who last struck him) and get up behind them.


Elemental MagicEdit

MP Skill Lvl Name Effect
1st MP Skill Shock Blast Similar to those of Flame Blast and Frost Spark, Shock Blast throws a beam of energy that literally stuns foes.
2nd MP Skill Thunder Thunder is a powerful spell that produces lightning based energy upon its target, raining massive lightning bolts upon its target.
(Note: This skill takes approximately 3.5 seconds to fully charge.)
3rd MP Skill Thunderstrike This is an extremely fatal spell that causes massive rains of thunder. It is performed in three phases:

Phase 1: It has a powerful charging phase. The charge lasts for 4.5 seconds, which can be intercepted.
Phase 2: The next phase causes a massive eruption, affecting all those within range (approximately an entire screen).
Phase 3: The last phase unleashes massive thunderbolts over most of the field.

Combat AttacksEdit

MP Skill Lvl Name Effect
1st MP Skill Gladius Strike A 4 hit combo that is identical to the standard combo itself.
2nd MP Skill Spark Whirlwind Shadow spins around like a Spiral in one spot, and then creates a large explosion. The spiral can pull things toward it no matter the distance and the explosion mimics an impact shield.
3rd MP Skill Plasma Cyclone This massive tornado is shot in one direction, moving slowly with infinite range. It is extremely difficult to avoid this attack, and getting caught in it will likely kill.

Transformational SkillsEdit


MP Skill Lvl Name Effect
3rd MP Skill Chaos Knight The Chaos Knight is a powerful transformation that rules of whats all Dark and Unholy. This effect improves his melee and magic attacks, along with more health. It lasts approximately one minute, but has a two minute cooldown after use.
(Note: When the time ends, it creates a debuff that will constantly drain the user's health, unless automatically canceled by the X command.)

Transformational AbilitiesEdit

MP Skill Lvl Name Effect
1st MP Skill Dark Control This mind-boggling skill controls a foe (from Kastulle Ruins Lower or Upper Floors) that will tend to mob its enemy at a nonstop rate. 6 of these can be summoned on the field, each lasting 45 seconds.
(Note: There is a 5% Chance that a Fire Golem or a Paradom will spawn, and a 1% Chance a Cyclops or a Giant Stone Golem will spawn.)
2nd MP Skill Dark Bolt This attack unleashes a fusion of the Fire, Ice, and Lightning Bolt spells.
(Note: It takes 2.75 seconds to cast this)
3rd MP Skill Chaotic Wraith The Chaos Knight will generate a massive circle infront of him, which indicates the fielded range (approximate 3/4ths a full screen infront of him). He grasps his hand, and then vanishes. All of a sudden, the entire circle is attacked by piercing marks, and then powerful cross strikes from all directions. The circle vanishes, and the enemy has taken a ton of damage. This is the Chaos' Wraith.

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