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Luruna was busy writing drawing the sign for her new detective group, when suddenly the writing came to life!

"HOLY RAPTOR JEBUS KRUST ON A POGO STICK!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs

Attack: Medium


Vitality: Medium

Speed: High


Art Doodle: Luruna spins like a ballerina, pointing her pencil. A line jumps out from it, and turns into a cartoon lion, which leaps forward with it's claws out

Art Piece: Luruna spins like a ballerina, holding her pencil into the air, before a painting frame falls from the air and bounces on the ground

Art Form: Luruna spins like a ballerina, spinning her pencil, and creating a large katana. It slashes onto the floor twice, before slamming down and exploding


"You mess with the bull you get the horns, buster!"

"Ack! Detective Rule 156# Assumption is the lowest form of knowledge..."

"Next time I won't be so easy on ya!"

"Sit back and watch!"

"Wow, I could REALLY use a scrunchie..."

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