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Deimos' first job uses the magical Fierm Whip which can increase its length to its users will. This allows the Lancer to attack from great lengths while still being able to hold on his own in close range combat.

Attack: Neutral

Defense: Neutral

Vitality: Very High

Speed: Low

Deimos' 1st job

Note: Long range mode is weaker then Short range, but reaches further then it

Attacks Edit

Long range mode:

Whirlwind Twirl: Lancer spins around with his whip out, pushing nearby enemies away

Grappling Frenzy: Lancer strenches his whip out far, grabbing all enemies in range, and pulls them back before delivering a high powered kick, sending them flying

Tentacle Storm: Lancer swings his whip high into the air, where it splits in 6 seperate parts, those parts dig in to the ground an pull back to Lancer, heavily damaging any enemies caught in it.

Short range mode:

Streching Saw: Lancer grips onto pulls his whip, making it firm, and jumps forward with it facing forward, pushing enemies back'

Updraft Slam: Lancer places his whip under the enemy and pulls them into the air, before jumping in the air and kicking them down to the floor 

Spirits Within: Lancer kneels down and summons the spirits of those who died at Torousice. Which home in at the nearest target.