After Grand Chase stopped the contamination of the Dark General they made it to the most horrible place of Alasion,Lake of Doom.The Lake has often made illusions of their loved one and friends being tortured or killed.And a horrble beast lies within these waters.Also,the bottom of the lake is like a maze and only 2 have barely survived passing.Will they be able to make it out

Monsters and Diff.Edit



Chemeleon Lvl 21

Hideous Crab Lvl 21

Deep-Sea Shark Lvl 22

Ice Golem Lvl 21

Moss Golem Lvl 22

illusionist Infant MammonLvl 23


There's a mini boss and a jump room.

The jump room is displayed on this picture.

The start room is on the top and it goes down 2 rooms then keep going left 3 times then up once.

There is a O2 shell in every room.

There's gust of bubbles going upwards in the 1st and final rooms.

The boss room has less water than any room in the whole dungeon, you can surface out of the water.


Elesis:Dad,is that you?!



The illusion fades away.

Elesis:Hey,where did he go?!

Sieghart:Hey red,this dungeon is the most nastiest place on the continent,The Lake of Doom.It can make illusions of your loved ones.

Arme:Sieg,is it magic?
Sieghart:Probably.It's rumored that the lake has been hit by a small purplr comt and the illusions started.

Elesis:Hmm,intresting,I got to go see that comet.

Ronan:Maybe it will stop the illusions from happening.

Sieghart:(I hope we can make it out alive)

At the Mini BossEdit


Elesis:Umm,why is there a shark in the middle of a lake,aren't they supposed to be in the sea?!


Sieghart:Hmmm,I hope this is an illusion cuz I can tell this one's a tough shark.

Ryan:C'mon guys!

At the bossEdit

Mammon:Who disturbs my slumber?!

Elesis:Is that a baby?

Sieghart:(Is that the object that hit the lake?)

Ronan:Don't get elated Elesis,I could tell he's a tough one.

Mammon:Heh,your already in my illusion.

Elesis:Hey what's going on?Why is the ground cracking?!

Ryan:Elesis,it's as illusion fight it!


Theme SongEdit


Boss Theme

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